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Welcome! If you are new to retail business and interested in retail business systems then this site is for you!

  • Retail Business Systems Explained!
  • Beginners guide to Retail Business Technology: EPOS systems, Web systems.
  • FAQ on Retail Business Systems – your questions answered.
  • Retail business system, EPOS, cash register – whats the difference?
  • Retail Business Systems – How much should you spend?

Retail Business Systems are becoming an essential part of the setup of any shop. If you own a shop or are buying a shop you need to know the basics of retail technology to save wasting thousands of pounds on retail technology that will quickly become redundant. So whether you are:

  • The new owner of a shop or retail company
  • Considering buying a retail business
  • Interested in a career in retail business
  • Want to learn about retail business systems

This site will aim to help answer the main questions. We hope you enjoy it.

Retail Business Systems Explained

The Top 10 things a system will do in a retail business:

  1. Electronic Till (sits on a computer, connected with a receipt printer, a cash drawer and a barcode scanner)
  2. Add up the end of day takings
  3. Report on sales and profits for any day, week, month or year
  4. Limit staff to what they can do, eg not allowed to give discounts unless a supervisor or manager is present, helps manage shrinkage
  5. Run customer loyalty schemes
  6. Manager customer orders
  7. Track VAT and give reports for your accounts
  8. Run your website or websites
  9. Manage the pick, pack and dispatch process for any remote orders, eg Telephone, Mail, Website or eBay
  10. Allow you to send products to eBay and other web channels

Additional Resources on Retail Business Systems

We hope you find this site useful. There is some more information on point of sale systems on Wikipedia. Retail Systems Magazine has some good whitepapers on Retail Business Technology. Intelligent Retail is an EPoS Systems company that has a useful article on how to buy an EPoS System.

More Questions

Please send any enquiries to the Retail Business Systems Editorial Team at enquiries @ and we will endevour to help. Thank you.

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