Retail Business System, EPoS or Cash Register?

OK. So, what is the difference between a retail business system (AKA multichannel retail system), an EPOS system and a cash register. Well  here is the answer.


  1. Electronic Till (sits on a computer, connected with a receipt printer, a cash drawer and a barcode scanner)
  2. Add up the end of day takings

EPOS SYSTEM All points above plus:

  1. Report on sales and profits for any day, week, month or year
  2. Limit staff to what they can do, eg not allowed to give discounts unless a spervisor or manager is present
  3. Run customer loyalty schemes
  4. Manager customer orders
  5. Track VAT and give reports for your accounts

RETAIL BUSINESS SYSTEM All points above plus:

  1. Run your website or websites
  2. Manage the pick, pack and dispatch process for any remote orders, eg Telephone, Mail, Website or eBay
  3. Allow you to send products to eBay and other web channels

What they look like


casio cash register


EPoS System shows difference with Retail Business System


Retail Business System

There you go! Hope that helps.

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